17mm MDF Overlay Insulation Board


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Premium Construction Quality: Crafted from Moisture-Resistant Medium Density Fiberboard (MR-MDF) using Tongue & Groove technology, ensuring durability and resistance to moisture.

Accurate Dimensions: Each board is precisely sized at 1200mm x 600mm x 17mm, featuring tongue and groove joints on all edges for a seamless and straightforward installation.

Perfect for Tiling Applications: Optimal for tiling projects, follow the tile manufacturer's instructions. Utilize S1 Tile adhesive and a decoupling membrane in conjunction with the board for exceptional results.

Effortless Installation: Install the boards in a brick bond pattern at a 90-degree orientation to the Soundmats. Employ glued Tongue & Groove joints for added stability. We recommend securing the boards to the SoundMats with Isobond adhesive for a robust installation.

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