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The SilentCloud Wall Board – Acoustic Plasterboard stands as a high-performance solution for enhancing the acoustic properties of wall constructions. It comprises two deadening sheets and a disco-elastic separation layer, effectively dampening noise and reducing direct transmission paths and airborne noise transmission through walls.

This product serves well as a wall lining for existing masonry walls or to increase mass and separation levels in stud construction. It offers easy installation, making it a convenient choice for contractors.


  • Size (nominal): 1800x900mm
  • Thickness (nominal): 27mm
  • Consists of two deadening sheets and a disco-elastic separation layer


Impact lntw dB: 58 Airborne dntw dB: 58 Ctr dB: 48 *Results based on a 100mm timber stud wall

Features And Benefits

  • Improved acoustic performance: The SilentCloud Wall Board offers superior acoustic performance levels compared to standard plasterboard systems, ensuring a quieter and more peaceful environment.
  • Versatile application: This product can be used in various scenarios, including change of use, refurbishment, and new build development projects, making it a flexible solution for different construction needs.
  • Part of the SilentCloud Acoustic Wall System HD1040: The SilentCloud Wall Board is designed to be used as part of the comprehensive SilentCloud Acoustic Wall System HD1040, providing a complete acoustic solution for separating walls.
  • Compliance with building regulations: By incorporating the SilentCloud Wall Board into your construction, you can ensure compliance with all UK Building Regulations for separating walls, including Approved Document E (England & Wales), Section 5 (Scotland), and Part G (Northern Ireland).
  • Increased mass: Compared to standard plasterboard solutions, the SilentCloud Wall Board offers increased mass levels, enhancing its soundproofing capabilities and contributing to a more effective acoustic barrier.
  • Easy finishing: The SilentCloud Wall Board can be finished with a plaster skim, just like standard plasterboard linings, allowing for seamless integration with the overall interior design.
  • Compatible with different wall constructions: Whether you are working with masonry or stud wall constructions, the SilentCloud Wall Board can be used effectively, providing sound insulation and noise reduction in various building scenarios.
  • Enhanced fire resistance: The SilentCloud Wall Board offers improved fire resistance properties, contributing to the overall safety of the building and providing peace of mind.
  • Durable and long-lasting: Made from high-quality materials, the SilentCloud Wall Board is designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring its effectiveness in soundproofing and acoustic insulation for years to come.


  • Soundproofing Walls: SilentCloud Wall Board is primarily used for soundproofing walls in residential and commercial buildings. It helps in reducing the transmission of airborne noise.
  • Home Theatres: It is used in home theatres to enhance the sound quality by reducing echo and background noise.
  • Recording Studios: The product is used in recording studios to create an acoustically balanced and controlled environment.
  • Offices: SilentCloud Wall Board is used in offices to create a quiet working environment by reducing noise transmission from one room to another.
  • Hotels: It is used in hotels to provide a quiet and comfortable environment for guests by reducing noise from adjacent rooms or outside noise.
  • Schools and Universities: The product is used in educational institutions to create a conducive learning environment by reducing noise distractions.
  • Hospitals: SilentCloud Wall Board is used in hospitals to create a quiet and peaceful environment for patients by reducing noise from adjacent rooms or corridors.
  • Industrial Buildings: It is used in industrial buildings to reduce noise transmission from machinery and equipment.


Full fitting instructions are provided with all SilentCloud Wall Board products and can be downloaded from the Installation Guides section.


  • Approved Document E (England & Wales)
  • Section 5 (Scotland)
  • Part G (Northern Ireland)

About SilentCloud

SilentCloud is a leading manufacturer of acoustic products and solutions. With years of experience in the industry, SilentCloud is committed to providing high-quality and innovative acoustic solutions to meet the needs of various projects. Their products are designed to improve sound insulation and create comfortable and quiet environments.

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