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SilentScreed Gyp Panel 28 is an acoustic dry screed panel designed for high mass, offering effective performance in both airborne and impact noise reduction. It is specifically engineered for construction types that are typically considered too lightweight for optimal acoustic outcomes. SilentScreed Silent-Gyp Panel 28 is suitable for use in New Build, Material Change of Use/Conversion, and Refurbishment developments.

Enhancing mass levels in lightweight structures results in improved airborne and impact acoustic performance. The unique feature of SilentScreed Gyp Panel 28 lies in its ability to concurrently enhance both airborne and impact sound reduction—an uncommon achievement when utilizing standard acoustic panels. This highlights the distinct advantage of choosing SilentScreed Gyp Panel 28 for acoustic flooring.

SilentScreed Gyp Panel 28 should be installed in a conventional broken bond pattern. All tongue and groove joints should be securely glued using the recommended SilentScreed Cem Adhesive. To isolate the board's perimeters effectively, it is recommended to use the SilentScreed Seal 20 or a range of SilentScreed flanking strips.


Impact L’nT,w dB

Airborne DnT,w


Airborne DnT,w + Ctr







  • Overall Board Dimensions 1200 x 600 x 28mm -- 72m2
  • Weight per m2: 00kg
  • Weight per board: 30kg
  • SilentScreed-Panel Cem joints must be glued using the SilentScreed Adhesive
  • SilentScreed Cem perimeters to be sealed using the SilentScreed Seal 20 or SilentScreed Flanking Strips

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