1-Liter Joint Adhesive Glue


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1-Liter Joint Adhesive Glue

Designed for use with Silentcloud SoundDeck and SoundScreed 28 products, this joint adhesive is perfect for securing tongue and groove joints on the boards. Conveniently packaged in a squirting tube, no applicator gun is required. It dries clear, cures quickly, with an initial set in just 10 minutes.

Coverage is approximately 32 lineal meters as a guide.



  • Rapid development of bond strength
  • Remarkable water resistance - Suitable for D3 Classification joints that may face short-term water contact or exposure to high humidity
  • Versatile for both interior and exterior applications
  • Minimal timber staining - Does not cause staining
  • Creep-resistant - Complies with EN14256 Resistance to static load
  • Transparent drying - Contains no inert fillers
  • Environmentally friendly and easy to clean up - Water-based
  • Compatible with radiofrequency cure

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