Large Sealant Applicator Gun for 900ml Tubes


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Large Sealant Applicator Gun for 900ml Tubes
A cost-effective extruder gun designed for use with cartridge products. All guns feature a hexagonal drive bar, enhancing control, and an anti-drip release mechanism to manage denser acoustic sealants.
Compatible with all 900ml cartridges.

Using the Gun:
Loading the Cartridge
1. Pierce the seal at the nozzle end of the cartridge.
2. Retract the plunger by pressing the thumb plate and pulling it back as far as possible.
3. Insert the cartridge nozzle through the gun's end hole, ensuring it fits into the collar.
4. Press the trigger and repeat until the plunger enters the rear hollow of the cartridge.

The spring-loaded trigger facilitates the downward movement of the plunger, applying pressure to the cartridge and extruding the sealant through the nozzle. To release pressure, simply press the thumb plate and pull back on the plunger.k on the plunger!

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