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The SilentCloud FFR Acoustic Rubber Underlay is a high-performance underlay designed to provide excellent sound insulation for both concrete and timber floors. It is easy to install and cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

Made from rubber granulate bonded with a cold cure PuR elastomer bonding agent, the underlay has a fine granulate structure and a mass density of 730 kg/m3. It is available in various thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 12mm, depending on your specific requirements.


  • Application: Underlay sound insulation flooring
  • Material type: Rubber granulate bonded with a cold cure PuR elastomer bonding agent
  • Granulate structure: Fine
  • Mass density: 730 kg/m3 +/-5%
  • Standard dimensions: Rolls: width up to 1m; length 20m
  • Dimensional tolerance: 1.5% DIN 7715 Class M4
  • Material thickness: 3 – 12 mm (depends on chosen size)
  • Tensile strength: 0.60 MPa
  • Elongation at break: Approx 45%
  • Stress characteristics: CC25: 646 kPa, CC40: 2098 kPa, CC50: 5565 kPa
  • Compression test at 10% DIN 53421 modules of elasticity: 0.29 MPa, 3.38 MPa
  • Footfall sound insulation: 21 db at 5mm, 18 db at 3mm (depends on chosen size)

Performance The SilentCloud FFR Acoustic Rubber Underlay provides good footfall noise reduction and has good thermal conductivity. It remains continually elastic, unlike cheaper foams, and is fully recycled. The underlay is compliant with Document E (England & Wales) Section 5 (Scotland) and Part G (Northern Ireland). It is suitable for both timber and concrete floors, making it versatile for various applications.

Features And Benefits

  • Easy to install: The SilentCloud FFR Acoustic Rubber Underlay is designed for easy installation, saving you time and effort.
  • Remains continually elastic: Unlike cheaper foams, this underlay maintains its elasticity over time, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Fully recycled: The underlay is made from fully recycled materials, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Cost-effective: With its durability and performance, the SilentCloud FFR Acoustic Rubber Underlay offers excellent value for money.
  • Suitable for Hard Surfacing and Carpet: This underlay is versatile and can be used with both hard surfaces and carpet, providing sound insulation in various applications.
  • Compliant with building regulations: The underlay meets the requirements of Document E (England & Wales) Section 5 (Scotland) and Part G (Northern Ireland), ensuring it meets the necessary standards for noise reduction.
  • Suitable for Timber and Concrete Floors: Whether you have timber or concrete floors, this underlay is suitable for both types of flooring.
  • Suitable for Refurbishment & New Build: Whether you are renovating an existing space or constructing a new building, this underlay is suitable for both refurbishment and new build projects.
  • Good Footfall Noise Reduction: The SilentCloud FFR Acoustic Rubber Underlay effectively reduces footfall noise, creating a quieter and more comfortable environment.
  • Good Thermal Conductivity: In addition to its acoustic properties, this underlay also offers good thermal conductivity, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature in your space.
  • Minimum Construction - Low Floor build-up: With its low profile, this underlay minimizes floor build-up, allowing for a sleek and efficient construction process.
  • Environmentally friendly: The underlay is made from recycled and sustainable materials, making it an eco-conscious choice for flooring projects.
  • Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of applications, including residential and commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.
  • Improved property value: By enhancing sound insulation and comfort, the SilentCloud FFR Acoustic Rubber Underlay can increase the value of a property.
  • Fire resistant: The underlay has excellent fire resistance properties, providing an added layer of safety in case of a fire.


  • Residential Buildings: The SilentCloud FFR Acoustic Rubber Underlay is ideal for use in residential buildings where noise reduction is a priority. It can be installed under hardwood, laminate, or carpeted floors to reduce impact and airborne noise.
  • Commercial Buildings: In commercial buildings, such as offices, restaurants, and hotels, this underlay can help to create a quieter and more comfortable environment for both employees and customers.
  • Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and universities can benefit from the use of this underlay in classrooms, lecture halls, and libraries to minimize noise disruption and enhance learning conditions.
  • Healthcare Facilities: In hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities, the SilentCloud FFR Acoustic Rubber Underlay can contribute to a more peaceful and restful environment for patients by reducing noise levels.
  • Industrial Buildings: This underlay can also be used in industrial buildings to reduce noise levels and improve working conditions.
  • Recording Studios: The SilentCloud FFR Acoustic Rubber Underlay is perfect for use in recording studios where sound quality is paramount. It can help to reduce unwanted noise and echo, resulting in clearer and more accurate recordings.
  • Home Theatres: For home theatres, this underlay can enhance the overall sound quality by reducing background noise and improving acoustics.

Installation Full fitting instructions are provided with all SilentCloud products and can be downloaded from the Installation Guides section on our website. If you have any technical questions or need assistance with the installation or general use of SilentCloud products, please contact our technical team via our contact form.


  • Compliant with Document E (England & Wales) Section 5 (Scotland) and Part G (Northern Ireland)

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