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Acoustic Floor Underlay represents an innovative acoustic underlayment designed to offer exceptional sound control for multi-family housing, high-rises, and commercial structures.

Constructed with 94% recycled rubber content, Acoustic Floor Underlay stands as a dependable and environmentally conscious solution for hard surface floor finishes in both concrete and wood frame constructions. Suitable for tile, stone, wood, and vinyl floor coverings, it provides superior protection against substrate cracks while optimizing sound control.

Effectively minimizing moisture transfer, Acoustic Floor Underlay safeguards flooring, reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth. Additionally, it delivers outstanding defense against shock, impact, and vibration, making it an ideal choice for diverse flooring applications.

Key Features and Benefits:

- Resistant to mold, bacteria, fungi, and water
- Up to 23dB sound insulation
- Approved for various floor coverings, including porcelain tile, vinyl sheet, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), ceramic tile, and wood
- Complies with Document E building regulations
How Rubber Underlay Works:

Rubber underlay acts as an effective barrier against sound transmission through walls and floors, reducing noise pollution for a more serene living or working environment. Comprising a soft rubber layer installed between sub-flooring and flooring material, it absorbs vibrations generated by sound, making it an efficient soundproofing solution.

Addressing Impact Noise:

Rubber underlay mitigates impact noise generated by activities such as walking, running, or moving furniture. By absorbing impact energy, it prevents sound from traveling through floors, particularly beneficial in multi-story buildings where noise can disrupt other occupants.

Why Opt for Rubber Underlay:

Overall, rubber underlay, exemplified by Acoustic Floor Underlay, proves instrumental in preventing sound transmission through walls and floors, reducing noise pollution and impact noise. It stands as a robust soundproofing solution for both residential and commercial spaces.

Compatibility with Under Floor Heating Systems:

For those using underfloor heating systems, it's crucial to ensure the soundproofing products are suitable. Acoustic Floor Underlay, with a thermal conductivity figure of 0.133 W/mK, should be verified for compatibility with your specific underfloor heating system before installation.

With its myriad advantages, Acoustic Floor Underlay has swiftly become the preferred acoustic underlayment for professional contractors and homeowners alike.

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