12mm thick Acoustic Rubber Matting for Wood & Laminate - Linear Meter

Size:: 12mm Thick x 1.25 meters Width - White
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Acoustic Matting for Wood & Laminate Floors 

Acoustic Matting 12mm is a high performing acoustic floor product to be used in Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects.  The Wood & Laminate Acoustic Matting range has been uniquely engineered to reduce both impact and airborne sound when laid over a structure due to its high density. This product is ideally suited to under engineered wood & laminate floor finishes. This is due to its low level of compression as it has less than 0.4mm deflection. This gives a stable and solid subfloor to install your timber or laminate floor finish.

Sound Reduction Performance:

  • Airborne: 65db

  • Impact: 58db

Applications for Wood & Laminate Acoustic Matting 12mm

  • Timber Floors
  • Concrete Floors
  • Screed Floors with lath and plaster,
  • Suspended timber/metal ceilings or Resilient Bar ceilings to ensure compliance to all UK Building Regulations.

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