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Rubber Tiles

Whether you are an individual or a company who is looking to add rubber tiles to your floors, then the tailor made tiles supplied by us are made right for you. We offer custom made flooring tiles to our customers where they are ensured to be attractive and durable for long life.

We can supply the rubber floor tiles to any location in where different designs are also offered. We supply different types of tiles including the ones available for use in garages, acoustic tiles as well as rubber floor tiles where each one can be further customized by getting them embossed or stamped. You can also add foiling to your floor tiles by getting them foiled in gold or silver material. Lamination is also offered which lets you add lamination in gold or silver.

The interlocking rubber tiles are those kind of tiles which can be used on places which need large flooring but, using the large tiles is not suitable. This kid of flooring is used in such a way that multiple interlocking rubber tiles can be combined and connected to get large flooring. The rubber flooring tiles can be used on places like gym, playground as well as ground to get attractive looking flooring.

Order the rubber tiles now from us and get them delivered to your doorsteps without paying any extra for the delivery to any location in the United Kingdom.